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Island Tug and Barge is intent on upholding the highest possible standards of operation. This is made possible by a steadfast dedication to maintaining and developing valued relationships with customers, communities and the environment. ITB’s success is firmly grounded in its regard for the valuable, long-term rapports it participates in. Since its formative years, engagement with employees has been a foundational tenet of ITB’s ideology and has been critical in establishing a proven reputation for reliability and quality.

“Our strength comes from within. Employee involvement is encouraged and welcomed, and in all ways sets the tone for the image that the company portrays. Our goal is one of operational excellence and enthusiastic achievement.”

Bob Shields, President

Sustained efficacy and success is achieved through, but not limited to:

  • A zero blame, highly accountable approach which reciprocally stimulates skilled professionals to operate while attentive to both safety and efficiency
  • A cultural shift brought about through focused, mindful leadership
  • Regular performance tracking and reporting protocols in service of promoting healthy, open lines of communication
  • An established standard of continuous innovation and improvement in an administrative, operational and technical capacity
  • Rigorous commitment towards ensuring the safeguarding of the environment in both land and sea based activity
  • Consistent attention towards the dignified ethical treatment of all individuals and ecologies affected by ITB’s dealings
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