Under the auspices of ITB Marine Group, Island Tug is committed to maintaining its competitive advantage as the industry leader in safety and safety management systems. Our dedication to safety is present in every aspect of operations.


ITB Marine Group is proud of a strong safety record. This is made possible by:
– Continuous change and improvement
– Cultural shift through strong leadership
– Performance tracking and reporting
– A zero-blame, highly accountable approach

Island Tug and Barge’s demonstrates its commitment to safety through its dedication to follow the International Safety Management Code. The ISM Code is a safety management program established by the International Maritime Organization. It is required by all shipping practices where vessels exceed 500 gross tons. The Code is not required by law for Island Tug operations, however, ITB has elected to adhere to the ISM in light of their high standard for seamanship and management, practices which have put ITB in line with the best of the sea-going industry.

  • ISM Required Management Practices Enable:
  • A safe working environment
  • The prevention of pollution
  • Maintenance of a seaworthy vessel
  • Safe sea-going practices
  • Control of operation-critical information

FIRST – company in Canada to have double-hulled fuel barges  Island Trader, ITB Reliant, ITB Resolution, ITB Vancouver, ITB Supplier

FIRST – tug and barge company in North America to be awarded ECOPRO from the Washington State Department of Ecology for excellence in marine safety and environmental stewardship

FIRST – to introduce double-hulled fuel barges on the Mackenzie River, Northwest Territories

AWARDS – Pacific States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force Legacy Award 2001 for Oil Spill Prevention, Preparedness and Response